Na tarzanke


“Na Tarzanke” Cultural Enrichment Saturday School

Of Russian Language and Child Development

Our Mission: to create a bridge to better understanding and respecting different Russian speaking ethnicities through learning about their cultural, historical and linguistic diversity.
“Na Tarzanke” School plays an important role in the education of the children of the Russian speaking community of LA County. Our main objective is to create an environment where the children have an opportunity to study Russian language, to get acquainted with rich Russian literature and history, to better understand their cultural background and to learn to be part of vibrant Russian community in the USA.

We accept children from 2 to 15 years old. Our curriculum includes Russian language (speaking, reading and writing), Russian Literature, Math, History of Russia as a state, Geography and Science. We also offer acting, drawing, dance and chess classes to our students.

As a part of multi-cultural enrichment “Na Tarzanke” School holds annual Halloween Parade, New Year celebration party as well as Poetry reading day.

We can accommodate students with beginner level Russian language as well as with advanced proficiency level.

“Na Tarzanke” School is based on the belief that all individuals can learn and that optimal learning takes place when all staff operationalizes the philosophy which is characterized by the following tenets:

all individuals are treated with respect and dignity;
all individuals are given the opportunity to learn in many different ways and at varying rates;
all individuals are given recognition for their achievements;
the learning environment is characterized by interdependence and cultural diversity;
parents want their children to attain their fullest potential as learners and to succeed academically.
All teachers, parents and students shall accept responsibility for insuring that students attain their fullest potential and succeed academically.

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